Interview Tips

1. Company Research

The more knowledge you have pertaining to the Company the better prepared you will be, i.e. type of industry, products and history. Use the Internet, brochures and ask your Consultant.

2. Confirm Interview Arrangements

Make certain you fully understand the interview time, location and who will be conducting the interview and the correct pronunciation of their names.

3. Travel Plans

Once you are aware of your destination details, check relevant street directories, bus, train or tram schedules for your easiest route. Arriving late looks very unprofessional. Allow enough time to give yourself at least 10 minutes before your interview to settle yourself.

4. Resume´

Bring a copy of your up to date resume´; add any new courses you may have attended or new accomplishments.

5. Review the Job Description

Be familiar with the role you are applying for and ask relevant questions.

6. Prepare Your Own Questions

Ask questions pertaining to the position, any extra information gained can help you decide if the position is for you. Ask direct questions and encourage your interviewer to enlarge upon his reply giving the impression of added interest.

7. Appearance

First impressions are lasting. Dress appropriately, even conservatively and avoid bright colours, strong perfumes or after shave lotion. Wear a suit or jacket and limit your jewellery. Have a checklist - haircut, clean hands and nails, pressed clothing and clean shoes.



8. In the Hot Seat

Answer all questions honestly and to your best ability, do not embellish your answers. Any questions pertaining to rate or salary should be referred back to your Consultant.

Be careful when asking about career advancement, if the interviewer feels you are showing more interest in future advancement than for the job on offer this may appear you are only interested in the job for the short term.

9. Mobile Phones

There is nothing more unprofessional than being disrupted during your interview because you forgot to turn your mobile telephone off. Ensure your phone is turned off before entering the interview.

10. Attitude

What an interviewer wants to see is "enthusiasm". Tell the interviewer you want this job. Be positive. Don't mumble, be clear and concise in what you have to say and look the interviewer in the eye, use a firm handshake and a friendly smile.

11. Be Careful of What You Say

Never be critical or abusive of past employers and never embellish the truth.

12. Be Up Front

If you have other offers pending, be honest and disclose this.

13. Relationship With Your Consultant

The more the Consultant knows about you the better they can help in securing the best position for you. As soon as the interview is over, call the Consultant and give them feedback, while this is fresh in your mind.