Candidate Care

At PCA we have 2 clients, our candidates and our employers. Consequently we treat our candidates with the respect and professionalism that our clients enjoy. Our candidate care policy entails serving and assisting candidates in any way we can with career development.

Our candidate care policy ensures that:
You will not be charged for our services in assisting you in the recruitment process.

You will be offered only suitable positions that match your skills.

You will be free to decide whether or not you wish to pursue an opportunity.

Information about you will be stored in our records in accordance with the Data Protection Act.

Selection for interview will be carried out on an entirely non-discriminatory basis in line with current legislation.

You will be given suitable information regarding any position.

Contractors will be fully informed of the details of an assignment prior to commencement, including role, pay rate, working hours and environmental issues.

Contractors and temps will be paid promptly and efficiently.

Your designated consultant will remain in touch with you during your assignment and assist you with any issues arising.



PCA’s confidentiality policy ensures that you are always in control of your private information and who sees your resume.

We will:

ALWAYS obtain approval from you before sending your resume to a client, ALWAYS make sure you know which clients your resume has been sent to and ALWAYS ensure that your personal information is protected.

Click here for a full copy of the confidentiality statement.

Rates "Open Book" Policy

At PCA, it is our policy to always be upfront and open with our contractors with respect to charge out and pay rates. This open book policy ensures that you always know what you are being charged out at, and that PCA are keeping our margins competitive.