Salary/Rate Advice

Being leaders in the engineering recruitment field, and drawing on a wealth of experience in your area of industry, PCA can offer you advice relating to staff salaries and contractor rates. This service works for you as an industry benchmark as well as assisting you with individual and unusual cases.



Equipment Hiring

PCA offers the service of hiring out Computers with licensed AutoCAD. This enables complication free setting up of additional staff, and gives you the security of knowing that your hired Computer has an up to date, licensed version of AutoCAD.

PCA also offers hiring of all associates office equipment including office furniture and other related electronic equipment.

Systems Set Up

PCA have available the service of setting up your IT cabling and systems in your new office or area. If you don't have an in-house systems expert, our systems consultant can come out to your site and have your system up and running in a fraction of the time and hassle of trying to set it up yourselves.